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Year 3 Curriculum

Year 3 Curriculum

Class Teacher -  Mrs E. King and Miss B. Mair

Teaching Assistants

- Mrs D. Williamson

- Mrs B. Reilly

Spring Term 2019

This term we have lots of exciting activities based on our new topics: The Stone Age to Iron Age and Dinosaurs. We will start by looking at the first humans and how we farmed. We will then look at dinosaurs and how we tell what lived millions of years ago by looking at soil.

In Science, we will be learning about Rocks and Soils. In this unit children will recognise that below the surface of Earth is rock which they may not be able to see. They will understand that over time rocks have been broken down to form smaller rocks, pebbles, stones and eventually soils. They will recognise that there are different rocks and different soils which have different properties and appearances. Children will identify, name and describe different rocks. They will compare and group different rocks and soils based on appearance and properties, e.g. hardness, and they will examine the soil in their local area. They will consider the impact of worms in making soils. Children will also describe in simple terms how fossils are formed when living things have been trapped in rock. They will have the opportunity to make a model fossil and look at the work of early palaeontologists, such as Mary Anning.

A variety of genres will be covered this term in English. These include: Instructions, poems and doing an author study.

As a reminder, our P.E session is on Wednesday; please ensure that your child has full P.E kit in school on this day. Please also ensure that earrings are removed, as we cannot remove children’s earrings due to health and safety regulations.

If you have questions concerning any of the above, or wish to meet with us regarding your child, please make an appointment at the office.

Our Year 3 Curriculum Map:

Year 3 Curriculum Map 2018 - 2019


Term: Topic: Some of the things we will look at are:
Autumn Space


Food, constellations, astronauts.

A focus on World War I and emergency services.

Spring Stone Age


How people lived during this time and how it differs from the way we live today.

Rock formation (fossilisation) and volcanoes.

Summer Rainforests

The Roman Invasion

Where the rainforests are, climate and how to protect the rainforest.

When the Romans invaded and a study of Colchester looking at what the Romans have left us.


English:                                                         Science

Information Texts                                            Movement and Feedings (Healthy eating and the human skeleton)

Instructions                                                       Magnets and Forces

Fantasy/Adventure Stories                            Rocks and Soils

Shape Poems                                                     Light and Shadows

Free Verse Poems                                            Parts of Plants


Author Study