Happy New Year! Great to have you back. Looking forward to a great Spring term!

Year 2 Curriculum

Year 2 Curriculum

Class Teacher -  Miss M Bowen and Miss B Mair

Teaching Assistants 

- Mrs W Blair

- Mrs B Henderson

- Mrs D Clark

Spring Term 2020


During the first half term the theme is ‘The Great Fire of London’. We will be learning all about The Great Fire of London in English and History by looking at lots of non-fiction and fiction books. The children will also be writing diaries and letters.  After half-term, our theme is ‘All Around the World’. There will be a focus in English on settings in fiction texts and we will also be looking at poetry. In Maths across the Spring term we will be looking at subtraction, money, multiplication, division, geometry, fractions and aspects of measure. Uses of Materials and Plants will be focused on in Science.

Please check below on the link to our curriculum map which shows what we are learning in each subject in more detail.

Our Year 2 Curriculum Map:

Year 2 Curriculum Map 2019 - 2020

P.E. and Uniform

Our class P.E. lesson this term will be on a Tuesday. Your child can leave their PE kit in class and they will bring it home at half term to be washed. Your child will need a t-shirt, shorts, socks, a warm tracksuit and suitable footwear for PE. Please see the school website for more details. We endeavour to ensure that kit and uniform is not lost but do remember that named clothes are a lot more likely to be returned if they do go walkabout! Please label all of your child’s clothes.


We will continue to encourage children to read 5 to 7 times a week and of course the children love working their way through the gemstone certificates.  Some children may begin to read to themselves, which is great, but do remember that reading aloud to an adult every day continues to be extremely beneficial as well as sharing books together.  Please write all of their reads in the reading record – we love to chat to the children about what they are reading for interest at home.

Times Tables

There will be opportunities for children to gain mini superhero certificates for reciting a times table and rapid recall of unordered facts.

Homework and Letters

Just a reminder that children’s bags are not checked for homework folders or letters by adults.  Therefore, please ensure that any reply slips or letter are given either directly to the office or given to an adult in the class by hand at the door. Please encourage your child to hand their homework folder in by putting it in the designated space in class.

Water bottles

Please send in a labelled water bottle with your child every day.  This should contain only water. We know it is cold but children do need water to keep their brain chugging on through the lessons!