Happy New Year! Great to have you back. Looking forward to a great Spring term!

School Swimming Pool

School Swimming Pool

Swimming Pool Restoration

Following on from a lot of hard work fundraising to get the swimming pool up and running we are excited to announce that the pool is now open for action!

Due to fundraising events led by the PTFA and your support there is no charge for swimming this time round.

Each year group will have around a week of swimming sessions.  This will be led by a qualified swimming coach.  The timetable below shows the provisional start date and finish date for each year group.  Please note that events in the school calendar and the weather could impact on these dates.

Year Week Start Date Finish Date
Foundation 1 23rd April 2019 26th April 2019
Year 1 3 7th May 2019 10th May 2019
Year 2 2 29th April 2019 3rd May 2019
Year 3 5 3rd June 2019 7th June 2019
Year 4 6 10th June 2019 14th June 2019
Year 5 7 17th June 2019 21st June 2019
Year 6 4 20th May 2019 24th May 2019

Within each year group the children will be split up into two or three groups.

A reminder that all children, boys and girls, are required to wear swimming hats.  This is because hair clogs the filters and we believe the cleanliness of the water is paramount.  The school will have a quantity of swimming hats by the poolside; any child not wearing a hat of their own will be requested to wear one of these.  Swimming hats can be purchased from the school at a cost of £2.00.  Please note we do only have a limited supply.  All girls should wear a one-piece costume.  No jewellery should be worn in the pool, so please ensure children come to school without jewellery on the days that they swim.


Before the restoration...

Our Supporters

We would like to express our sincere thanks to the people below who have donated to our swimming pool fund:

PTFA - Parsons Heath Parent, Teacher, Friends Association

Mr Thirulogasanthar

Colchester Fire Swim

D M Design

David Rayner

Mrs K Hinchcliffe

Win from Broadmead Road

Ellie-Paige Jones

Vickie Warren and Mark Dallimore

Jan and Phils

East Hill Super Store

Ruth Snowling

Mrs Johnson's in-laws

Galaxy Food and Wine

Colchester Borough Council

Mr Chris Hill