Happy New Year! Great to have you back. Looking forward to a great Spring term!




Foundation Governors (3)

DBE - Mr Gary Sanford - Chair of Governors (4 year term, ends 21.04.23)

Sandra Coulter - PCC

Rev Tim Platts - Ex-officio (Term ends 19/9/21)

Co-opted Governors (4)

Mr Stephen Begg (4 year term, ends 12.07.23)

Mr Darren Marzell (4 year term, ends 12.07.23)

Mrs Frances Haynes (4 year term, ends 26.06.2023)


LA Governor (1)

Rev. Dr Steve Rudge - Vice Chair of Governors (4 year term, ends 24.03.21)

Parent Governors (2)

Miss Vickie Warren (4 year term, ends 21.10.2020)



Staff Governors (2)

Mrs Claire Newson (Head Teacher) - Ex-officio

Mrs Abi Newman (Deputy Head Teacher) (4 year term, ends 23.03.22)

Associate Members

Mrs Sharon Olding (School Business Manger) (4 year term, ends 16.03.21)

Rev. Sue Howlett

Clerk to Governing Body

Mrs Jane Savill

Annual Governance Statement 2017

Governor Attendance Record 2018-2019

Mr Gary Sanford 9/8 Apologies offered
Revd. Steve Rudge9/11 Apologies offered
Revd, Tim Platts 5/7Apologies offered
Mrs Claire Newson11/11
Mrs Sandra Coulter6/8Apologies offered
Mr Darren Marzell 5/7 Apologies offered
Mr Stephen Begg 5/11Apologies offered
Ms Vickie Warren10/11Apologies offered
Mrs Frances Haynes9/10Apologies offered
Mrs Abi Newman Deputy Head 6/7 Apologies offered
Rev. Sue Howlett4/4
Mrs Sharon Olding 9/9Apologies offered

Governor Register of Business Interests