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Our Governors

Our Governors

Each church school has a governing body, which is responsible for the school, and on which the church, the local authority, community, parents and teachers are represented. The church representation on the governing body ensures the continuation of links between the school, the church and the local community.

As a Board of Governors we:

  • Have an active interest in the education of all children who attend the school
  • Ensure that the school implements the National Curriculum requirements
  • Agree the content and monitor implementation of the School Development Plan and school ethos
  • Agree a budget and monitor its implementation
  • Run three committees which work out the details of our work
  • These cover Personnel, Resources and Curriculum and Pupil Related issues

As individual Governors we:

  • Commit time to improve the school
  • Hold responsibility for monitoring areas of school work
  • Attend 5 full Governing Body meetings each year
  • Meet in at least one committee each term
  • Take part in particular projects as required
  • Act as a contact point for parents

Our main work at present centres on:

  • to improve children's progress in mathematics across all abilities and age groups
  • Develop and embed an engaging curriculum across the school
  • Build on high standards in the area of Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural Education

Your input is important:

You can contact the Governors with enquiries about the school’s governance through the school office.