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As part of our curriculum, we teach children about staying safe online.

In our increasingly digital world, we need to make sure that children make sensible choices about their online activity.  Please talk to your child about this and play an active role in keeping them safe when they are using computers, video games, tablets or mobile phones.

Key messages to share with your child:

  • Never share anything with anyone if they wouldn't want their teacher to see - think before you post!
  • Make sure they know who to talk to if they feel uncomfortable, upset or worried.
  • If they are not sure, check with you!
  • Never communicate online with anyone they don't know and trust in the real world.
  • Keep personal information private.
  • Don't send anything to anyone they wouldn't want to receive themselves, and don't share other people's content.


Please see links below for E- safety information.

Use the link above to access the CEOP site and find out more information.

E-Safety - is

click on the thinkuknow logo below for e-safety information to give your child.

Please click on the below links for more information on Momo and Tiktok

Momo Parents Guide PDF

TikTok Parents Guide PDF

Or click HERE to link through to the national online safety guides for many Apps our children are using